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A little bit about me!

Born 13th of April 1980, yep, I am brave enough to say I am in my 30's...

I've gone through a lot of ups and downs through my life and career, and it’s taken me until the last 6 months to really know what I’m about and what I want from life! It takes some people a lifetime - but I'm never going to look back and say "I wish" so in short this is what I have achieved so far:

I realised I am a true businesswoman; evolved from a high powered corporate environment (utility), that is a bit too crazy and creative for the blue chips governance processes - "a good old love-v-hate relationship" and I was not happy!! Life’s about being happy right?! - And I have delivered my client promises substantially so far.

I spread my wings in October 2012, not knowing where the hell I was leaping to, but "hey" not knowing was always something that turned me on!

In March 2013 I set up my consultancy business One Efficiency Ltd - "efficient business" - I work in any market looking at process and mechanism into business growth both from an internal functionality to how outwardly waves of impact for the right benefits can be made.

I currently advise into two Community Investment Companies within Energy Efficiency in both England and Wales - and this is going full throttle.

I am also Founder of a virtual environment which connects fuel poor to funding from the Energy Providers that have Government Obligation to disperse. I am extremely lucky to have my former mentor and MD of a utility invest in me and we are working hard now to hit a major wave in 2014 and beyond to benefit the fuel poor - and profitability will not come from the people we are helping, this would fundamentally defeat the purpose of what I ultimately want to achieve, and this is to benefit those in need.

I have committed to give 20% of my profit to two charities:

  1. Muscular Dystrophy
  2. Innovation in to stroke, brain tumour, brain haemorrhage and cancer

My own personal goal is to eventually (before I am 36) have an art gallery (to display my passion and creativity) and to launch my own (already planned) fitness franchise for women only!!! - Then I plan to leave the UK..............but not before I have excelled personally within my own fitness - as I am a great believer in you have to Look, Live and Breathe what you wish to represent (in any form of business)!!!

Mucho Loves meeeeee xxx

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26. Sep, 2013
Thanks to Mr Bob Parker, UK & Europe Country Manager for FLP - UK, I am now supported by a wealth of natural supplements, along with much more support to help me reach my ultimate goals and performance levels needed to compete in figure toned - I am extremely lucky to be supported at this early stage in my fitness career and look forward to forging from strength to strength with some amazing products that I have personally been using over the last 4 months !!!! xx